The Bear


We started the day by sea plane and got dropped off after 30 mins of flight on a small lake… this is the main way to travel around alaska. We had been told that we would be picked up 5 hours later from another lake a few miles away, so we set off walking through the tundra.

It was salmon season in Alaska so all the bears had an abundance of food which means they take very little notice of you when you are walking around. This means you can get some great shots of them running through the water to catch salmon and watch them go about life like you're not  even there.

As you can see on the image below i was very close to the  bear but kept at a safe distance making 
Sure the bear wasnt showing any signs of unrest or feeling unsafe.

The Final image was a result of the bear giving a warning splash to me letting me know I was pushing my luck and should move on, which it promptly did. It was only when we got back to the lodge that I had got the shot as with all the adrenaline at the time I had not checked if I had a shot from the encounter.