Lockdown Summer

This summer was going to be one of the busiest and most exciting to date with festivals booked all around the world, with lots of shoots back here in the UK in between trips... 

and the Euros (it was coming home).

Like everyone I imagine lockdown has been a long road but it looks like we are coming out the other end… fingers crossed. Ive had alot of people asking me what I have been up to in the lockdown and the honest answer is a lot of gardening, eating and a good few drinks.


The one good thing that has come from lockdown is I have time to think about different shoots and different places I want to visit over the next few years, so hopefully there will be a lot more content on the way soon.


I have tried to make sure my camera doesn't just sit collecting dust but I must admit for the first few weeks it was not in use. After that I pushed myself to get some images done and who else to take pictures of than my Cockapoo Baxter.